Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kenzi's softball

Kenzie's team did great!! They placed 7th of 20 teams.  

When we left we each had a blanket, not knowing we would have to use it as a shield!!!  We were being attacked by Mosquitoes, millions of them!!

At one point I looked at Lexi and she had 3 lined up on her Jugular. We had used bug spray but it wasn't working very well.  Poor Sami gets bit and they swell and itch a lot!!! She got bit on her ankle and it looked like a softball.

Manti/Ephram we go to Ephram for a softball tournament. But it was also during the Manti Pagent. We also took our tent trailor and found a campground right behind the temple. We left Rob at the campground to work and the girls and I walked to the temple grounds. It was Thursday and not very crowded.  We found seats on the 15 row in the center.  The girls had fun but said it was too long..HAHA

Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy Father's Day!!!  Rob got a new bike, he is very happy.  And he looks so cute!!

This is Samantha and her softball team.  They were lucky and got to

This is Mackenzie at a soccer tournament over memorial weekend.  Kenzie loves soccer and softball.  She has a very busy summer playing and training for both. This game was freezing cold and it was raining!!!!  GO Murray Max!!

6th grade graduation

This is Lexi and her favorite teacher..."EVER".  Lexi had a wonderful year.  She received the Clovis Award, (a murray district award for an outstanding student) which also gave her a $10.00 gift card. We are very proud of Lexi!!