Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last month of Summer!!!!

First day of school 2009!!!!Kenzie is holding up 10 fingers because she is now a Sophmore in HIGH SCHOOL!!! I'm feeling so old... ; (
Lexi is starting 8th grade..
Sami is a 5th grader.
One of our 3 boating outings... Rob on the phone. Does this guy every stop working???? :)
Kenzie and her bff Bailey.
Zoe, Lexi Jessica and Sami. Each kid brought a friend, good times.
Sami with the new team at Pirate Boot Camp.... Sami is such a HAM
Lexi on her 13th Birthday. She wanted cup cakes!
Sami after her Softball Awards party.... she was so proud..
Kenzie softball team Slam.. They took 3rd place at the ASA B National Tournament... Kenzie is standing next to her dad. Rob is an assistant coach.
This picture is super blurry.... But it is my 3 girls tubing.
Tolmans came over for a water party. Madi and Carrie hid from the camera.
Rob and Lexi in Mill Creek. Cute... did everyone say AAAAHH!!!
Kenzie roasting hotdogs. cutie!!
My 3 girls.... this picture makes them look like friends... ok most of the time they love each other. haha