Sunday, February 22, 2009

Becky's needs- Rob's needs

Ok... you google your name and needs (becky needs) and write down the first 10 web site that are listed.  It is a good laugh.  I did my kids too.  Kenzie's said she needs to fall on a sword.  funny :)

Becky needs:
1- a cup of tea
2- a friend
3- a psychiatrist  (funny)
4- a change... (like some warm weather)
5- needs time to think.
6- a home 
7- an exorcism  (what seriously!!!)
8- assistance to eat...  (haha)
9- to speak
10- to get to work.

Rob needs...
1-therapy (hahahaha)
2-a job
3- a new blazer (what?)
4- help
5- a donation
6- a green card
7-a wake-up call
8- money!!! (me too)
9- an agent
10- medicine (hehe)

Thanks Brenda for tagging me.  That was fun.
Now, anyone willing should do this too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Having fun with the team

OK... We had a lot of down time. Only 2 games on Saturday and 1 game on Monday.  Sunday the team (most of the team) went hiking and climbing.  Monday before we left for home the team went and ate together at Pizza Factory.  Yum  It was a lot of fun. 

St George Soccer

Kenzie plays for Murray Max U16 Soccer team.  Most of the girls on this team have played together for years.. Kenzie has played with some girls since she was 7 or 8 on the rec. teams.  Kenzie play great!!  It is so fun to watch these girls improve.  Some of these games you can see Zion's Park in the background with snow on them.  The weather was nice.  Around 50 degrees.  We needed jackets and blankets but no hand warmers. And it didn't rain or snow.

Valentines Day!

This year for Valentines Day our family was separated.  I helped in Sami's class on Friday the 13th.  Then left with Kenzie to St. George for the weekend. Before we left we gave our presents. Rob and I gave the girls new swinsuits. I gave rob a new ipod home for his Itouch he got for Christmas.  Sami's party was fun they made candy lei's.  Sami has one on in this picture.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hunt Expo!!

Ok... one week a year I loose my husband to the Hunt Expo.  You might wonder why since Rob doesn't hunt??  Well... Rob designed the software for the 200 permit draw for the conservation and hunting expo.  Hunters go online and pay $5.00 for each of 200 hunts they wish to try and win.  Then each hunter has to go downtown and enter. Hunters from all over the US and around the world come to this Expo.  Rob has 25 employee's and several volunteers. First he has to set up 20 computers, printers, scanners, network them all and train all staff. I'm very proud of him.  

My dad hunted when I was little but nothing like this... These men and women are serious!!! The Expo was nick named the hall of death. (by me and my kids)  There was more taxidermy than 4 cabella's.  We saw African lions, cheetah's, moose, elk, deer, rams, sheep, grizzly bear, polar bear, animals that I have never seen before with long pointy horns, pig, boar,  you name it it was stuffed and on display.  It is a culture shock.  More camo, baseball caps, facial hair, boots, than anywhere else on the planet.  I must say it is fun and educational.  This hunt expo makes all the money the state needs to make sure these animal and the herds will survive for our children's, children too see. 

Pennie Grandma's Birthday!

Mom's Birthday is the last day of January.  My sister's and brother decided to get her a tv.  The one she had only showed the picture from the neck down..? haha (I guess the picture tube was going out) Mom was excited and Ray hooked it up for her.  We had yummy chocolate cake and ice cream.  Some of the best things about my mother Pennie:

1-She would drop everything to help me. 
2-She seldom will complain, even if she is in pain. 
3-She is always ready to share her testimony of her Savior. 
4- She is a great example to my children.
5-She makes the best chilie ever!!!
6-We love you mom!!!!  Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 random things about me...?

1- I feel that I am the luckiest person alive!!!

2-I love my Diet Pepsi in the morning... I need it by 7:30 am.  I know some may think it is gross.  But for me it is heavenly...
3- I love when my kids go to school and Rob is working at home... We often get in the hot tub around 10:00 am and just talk.  I think it save our marriage.
4- I love to give surprises...
5- I love Disneyland!!!  The excitement before you get there, when you are walking up to the gates and hear the music and you can't help but to smile.... I LOVE IT!!  I think I need to plan a trip right now.
6- I hate the cold.... I want the sunshine and flowers!
7-My life from 3:30 -8:00 pm is spent in the car. Running my kids to softball, dance, training, classes, soccer!!!  It is a love-hate relationship!!
8- I love to see Rob happy!!!  When he is really happy his laugh turns to a hehehehe.
9- When I was in high school I was a high jumper... Pretty good too!! haha
10-The best part about working in health care is meeting random people. They always love to tell you stories. 
11- I feel way younger than I am.  I often forget how old I really am.
12- I talk to my dogs during the day.  They are awesome to vent too, they never talk back.
13- I love to go to the movies!!! 
14- I am the oldest of 6 kids. I have 4 sisters, (Bobbie, Shannon, Sarah and Nicki) 1 brother (Ray)
15- I love to sleep!!!
16-My favorite time of year is Spring.  When tulips start to break the ground!!  I get so excited.
17- I love softball tournaments... packing a cooler, blankets, sunscreen, hats, chairs, scorebook, pepsi. Love it!!  Watching the girls make an awesome play or a great hit!! 
18- My new favorite saying to my kids is: "If you want to be happy... Make your mother happy."
19- I love sloppy mexican food!!  :)
20- I'm not a very good cook. Nor do I have the patience to learn.  (how will I teach my kids. AAAgh)
21- I hate laundry!!  I don't mind washing and drying them.  But I loath folding, hanging and putting them away.
22- I am a stress eater.  chips, donuts, cookies, cake, ice cream.... 
23- I love puppies!!  It was so fun to have Speckles give birth to 3 litters.  A lot of work but fun.
24- I have the best friends!!!  
25- Rob and I have been friends for 26 years. Married for almost 17 years.  :)  Love you ROB!!!

Wow that was harder than I thought.
I tag: Carrie, Amy, Sarah, Shannon, Nicki, Jenny, Amelia, Marinda, Joanne, Shellie.