Thursday, April 23, 2009

My biggest baby will be turning 15!!

OK... Kenzie was born May 3, 1994 after a very long labor.  She was finally born with the help of forceps, and went straight to the ICU unit.  Then was life flighted to Primary's for xrays.  After they knew she hadn't fractured her head she was brought back to the FHP hospital where she was stayed in ICU for 5 more days.  I brought her home on my first Mother's Day.  Let me list a few things that I love about my Kenzie!!!

I have downlaoded a few pictures of Kenzie in the last year...  
Kenzie posing at a church activity
This is a common picture.... I get the google eyes or she will just look out of the corner of her eye!!
After snowbaording with Corey in Aspen.
Super cute in Hawaii

Kenzie and Corey at the Utah vs. Byu game before they stormed the field.
Dad and Kenzie after a softball game with "Slam"  I need to downlaod Kenzie in her Murray High softball uniform.
Kenzie and buddy Sofia.
Kenzie in Disneyland.
Kenzie at a Murray High School soccer game.
Super cute Kenzie...

Kenzie playing soccer with Murray Max.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SPRING in Utah!!!!

Ok... Tonight is supposed to be a busy night.  Lexi should have a double header in softball at 6:00 and 7:30.  Kenzie should have a softball game at West High at 3:30 and 5:00.  Sami should have softball practice at Skyline High at 5:30 for 2 hours.  Now, with all this blaster rain they will ALL be cancelled and rescheduled on another busy day...  Such is the life in Utah in the Spring...  why do we live here again???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disney fun pictures!!

I had the camera so not many pictures of me this time...  But we had a great time!!  We love Disneyland!!Rob and Kenzie in California adventures, right before they went on the grizzly rapids ride... the rest of us were to cold to get all wet!!
Lexi being kind and giving Sami a piggy back ride.
The girls in fantasy land posing on Mr toads wild ride.
Screaming!!!! Rob and Lexi in the front car and Sami and Kenzie in the back car....  Is Sami saying a small prayer? 
This ride is my new favorite ride.  Toy Story!!!  

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Beach.. Corona Del Mar, tide pools

On Saturday my sister Shannon and her family took us the beach.  To show us the tide pools.  We had a good time.  There weren't waves here though.  There is a stream of fresh water that runs to the ocean, and that is where Lexi and Sami are playing in.
This is my sister Shannon, her husband Denny, Dusty, Ashley and Shelby.  It was so nice to see them!!!
Sami, Alexis and Shelby showing us their muscles!!
This is Ashley and Denny walking back from the pools. (Nice jazz hands Ashley)
Denny, Ashley and Sami walking to the pools.
Dusty, Shelby and Sami...

Rob and Kenzie hadn't made it to California yet.  They flew in Saturday night.  (kenzie had a softball tournament)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

March 26th in Disneyland

Well,  Lexi, Sami and I left for California a day early so we could take Sami to Disneyland on her Birthday!!!  Since we had an annual pass, instead of getting into the park for free they gave Sami a gift card to spend in Disneyland for $69.00.  She also got a button to wear,  so everyone could wish her a happy Birthday!!  We all had a great day!!!

This is the picture before we left for the park... Sami is showing us how old she is:  10