Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Sami

Happy Birthday Sami!!!!  My baby is turning double digits. "10"  Let me tell you a little about the Princess!  Sami was born March 26, 1999  I love this time of year.  I love the hope of Spring right around the corner. Sami was 9 lbs 5 oz.  A super chubby ball of fluff.  She had NO hair but the biggest, greenest eyes.  It took her 2 years to have a head of hair.  Sami started dance at 3 yrs old and went to class with Jessica Page and Lisa George.  Sami still dances as a Jr Starlette for Murray Community .  At 5 she started T-ball with Ben Kirkham.  Sami loved softball and is still playing.  She now play for the Utah Lady Pirates.  

Some of the best thing I love about Sami:
1- She still loves to snuggle and give her mom loves.
2-Sami will go shopping with mom when no-one else wants to go.
3- Sami loves to read, and read, and read.
4-Sami is my girly girl. She like to brush her hair and paint her nails...etc...
5-Sami is a picky eater!!  almost always hates whatever I make (o.k. not something I love about her it just makes her Sami)
6-We love how Sami can ride her bike without hands. (new trick)
7-How well Sami can learn new thing!!
8- Sami is a very talented pianist.  
9-Sami is a very pretty singer.
10- Sami will make a wonderful "Red Riding Hood" in the school play.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It has been a while...

Ok... There has been a lot going on.  2 weeks ago Sami had her science fair.  I hate the science fair!!  It is so much work for the mom's.  Sami wasn't required to do so I was discouraging her from trying.  (I know bad mom)  Sami wanted to see if "smiling was contagious?  She did it all on  her own. I was very proud of her and she won!!!  Good job Sami. 

 Last week was the Bookfair at Liberty Elementary.  I was at the school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all day.  It is a lot of work but I love to help kids find books.  It is a lot of fun too... 

Also, Kenzie was trying out for the Murray High softball team. Monday they had tryouts and the coach would post 1st cuts on the front doors of the school.. Early before school started on Tuesday. I was so nervous for her to go and look.  But she made first cut.  Tryouts again on Tuesday after school.  This time the TEAM would be posted at the High School front door at 9:00 pm.  When we got there I thought I would throw-up I was so nervous for her.  She went to look and they made another cut and wanted another day of tryouts.!!!! AAAgh  you have got to be kidding.  After Wednesday tryouts the coach said she would text each girls and tell them if they made the team.  Kenzie got the TEXT about 7:15... SHE MADE IT!!!!   Rob and I are so proud of her!!  So if anyone wants to buy a tee-shirt that says "Murray Girls Softball"  Kenzie is selling them for $10.00 for a fund raiser.

Lexi had a choir concert on Thursday night at Hillcrest Jr. High.  The picture is kind of dark.  Lexi has a very pretty voice but I hardly ever hear her sing.  

Finally... Tonight was our Young Women "New Beginnings"  I'm glad it is only once a year!  hehe  The girls in the ward all did such a good job.  Some did talks and some sang and some made the treats.  It was Awesome and I'm glad it is over!!

Well that is enough for now.  You are all caught up.  I think???