Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexi LuLu!!!

Here is a few pictures of Lexi from the past year!!!  I think this one is from Easter.  Lexi you are growing up so fast!!  Here is just a few things I love about Lexi

1- Her smile  :) Lexi will smile even if she is not so happy.  
2- Lexi has beautiful eyes.  I wish my eyes would sparkle like hers.
3- I love Lexi's humor, she is very quiet when she makes a joke.  If you don't pay attention you may miss it.
4- Lexi is a beautiful dancer!
5- Lexi has so much talent.  Softball comes easy to her...
6- Lexi takes pride in her appearance.  She is always looking her best.

This picture was taken in July at Soldier Creek.
Disneyland in March 09
Lexi and Vanessa on CRAZY day, during spirit week at school.
Lexi before her Christmas dance concert.
Lexi learning to snowboard in Snowmass near Aspen. February 09
Lexi enjoying the surf in Hawaii.  Nov 08
Lexi found a starfish.  California Oct. 08
Disneyland Sept. 08
Lexi getting ready to bat this Summer.  Love ya Lexi I hope you will have as much fun in the year to come!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This last week!!!!

Alexis's team "Fusion" took 3rd place in their bracket in the Fire Cracker tournament.  Rob helps coach this team, and Lexi pitches and plays first.This is Sami's team the "Pirates" this picture was taken after the team paraded down Main Street in Park City during opening ceremonies of the Triple Crown World Series.
This is SLAM, Kenzie's team.  This picture was after her team took 2nd Place in the state tournament.  Rob also helps coach this team.
Girls camp, just before we left.
During camp.  We all had a great time... :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It has been a while...

This is us at our family campout.  We stayed at Aspen Grove by Strawberry.  We took a hike around the lake.
Cute Lexi!!!
Kenzie and Sami showing me their teeth, and Toumy avoiding the camera.
This is Sami at a softball tourny in Grantsville.  She is our little "slapper"
Here is Kenzie at her softball tourny in Clearfield.
Youth Conference!!!  Look close Kenzie is in the back row standing on the right.  The boxes in front of the kids are 500 hygiene kits.  The kids got donations and assembled them at youth conference.
Rob and I celebrated our 17th wedding anny!!!  Our reception was at Bridle Wood but is now Tuscany restaurant.  So we went there for dinner.  YUM
Girls camp hike!!!  The hike was straight up...  I had fun, not sure if all the girls did???  
At the Zoo with the Enloe's and Tolman's....  Good times!!