Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy Day!!!

Ok..... Today was crazy day at the girls Jr. High. Lexi and Sophia put a water bottle in their hair, that is how they got it to stand up!!   Kenzie is wearing the stretchy pants Brenda  bought...  The crazy socks, tutu, beads, mis-matched shoes.  I'm thinking they had a fun time :)  You gotta love teenagers...

Dinner with friends!!

While we were visiting with the Enloe's. We went to dinner,  I don't remember the name of the place.  It was a cute little pub.  But we had a very large room almost to ourselves. Parents at one table and all 9 kids to another.  We had a great time.  Little did we know the hamburger Sami was eating would make her very, very sick about 4 hours later.  :(

You can't see Owen but he was laying on Sami's lap (or under the table) and didn't want his picture taken.
GOOD TIMES were  had by all!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

skiing and boarding at Snowmass Colorado

While in Colorado visiting the Enloe's all the kids went skiing or snowboarding. Kenzie and Lexi boarded. Lexi had never tried before so Rob was her coach. She did great, although she said her butt was hurting...haha   Corey took Kenzie for a while through the trees.... She came down beat-up a bit and covered in snow.  Sami, Madi and Malik couldn't get enough.  The would all go down together climb on the gondola to the top of the hill (kiddie hill) and do it again.  Jacob went down with Ty coaching, even Owen tried the ski's.  I think everyone had a good time and was very tired by the end of the day.  Thank you Enloe's for a wonderful time.  We enjoyed every minute (except when Sami was sick) :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hanging-out at the Enloe's

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Birthday's

Once a month my family gets together and celebrates all the Birthday's for the month.... January is full of B-days. Mine, Bobby, Edgar, Ashley, Shannon, Denny, and mom's (Pennie)

We always sing happy birthday as loud and off key as possible..... Most of my family have beautiful voices.  But not when we sing happy birthday.  We even called Shannon in California so she could sing along too. (Denny, Ashley and Shannon live there)

You see the pretty costco birthday cake???  Mackenzie ate the big beautiful blue balloon...  It made me sick looking at it.  She was given $2.00... GROSS!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


While Rob was in New Orleans me and our girls went to my brothers house in Clearfield to watch the game. (Lexi went to a birthday party) We watch the first quarter where the utes scored 21 points!!  WOOT  Then the sattelite dish went out!   While we were trying to find the game on the internet and find a radio.   Ray was asking for the duct tape????  WHAT?   He rigged a broom to a very long extention pole.  Then went outside in the snow storm and took the kitchen chair. Then he tried to sweep of the dish.... I was laughing so hard.  BUT IT WORKED!!!  We had visual by the time half time was over.

This is C.J. in his lucky wig.... GO UTES!

This is Sami and me at the Basketball game on New Years Eve!!!  The Utes is a family affair!!  Woot!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

WOOT!!!!! Utes win!!!  This is Rob and Ty before the game at the Super Dome!  What an Awesome game!  13 - 0


Ok everyone knows we are Ute Fans,  So ROb is on his way to the Sugar Bowl!  What an adventure.  He was flying standby on Jetblue. They (JD, Easton, Rob, Ty, Devon, and amy's father and step mom) tried to leave new years night, but were denied and came home to sleep and try again in the morning.  So they left around 7:00 am and this time tried to get to Las Vegas. they made the first flight but when they made it to Vegas they missed the first flight to NY.  An hour or so later they were flying to NY.  When they landed if they could hurry there was a flight leaving for new orleans but there plane couldn't get to the gate (they were behind another plane) So they missed that one.  Now they needed to decide to stay in Ny for the night and try for a 7:00 am flight or fly to Boston and try for a early morning flight.  Just get south somewhere and drive?????  What to do?

They finally decide to buy tickets from NY to new Orleans and and spend the night in NY.  So they tried to sleep at a best western and be back to the airport by 4:30 am.  

I'm proud to say they are in New Orleans now and are excited for the game!

Go utes