Monday, September 21, 2009

Kenzie's Homecoming

Here is Kenzie and Braxton in front of the Hummer Limo.. (they were so excited to go in the Limo) Kenzie looks so grown up!!!! Stop It!!!

Here they are posing inside the Limo.
Sofia and Kenzie... cute, cute, cute, cute!!!
Here is Kenzie and her date and Bailey and hers...
This is Kenzie and besties... Kenzie Allred, Marissa My Cute Kenzie and Baylie.
This is the small party that all went in the Limo. I think there are 8 couples. THAT a party!!


amy16 said...

WOW! If I was you I'd lock her up. She is growing into a knock-out! (does she know that yet?)

Madi said...

Braxton needs to get his arm off of her!!!! She is precious. I love her. Beautiful as always!

Did you tell Bren about the "pretty pink party pumps"? lol

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Our girls are growing up way too fast! Kenzie is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I knew how to slow life down- especially through high school because SO MUCH HAPPENS- driving, dating, jobs- life- its awesome and very frightening for us parents! YIKES!