Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So in May Samm played in a asa softball tournament. If they won it they would have the chance to go to the 10u asa a Nationals. Yes, they beat all the other teams and now are going to Tennessee for a tournament! We leave Saturday the 31 and won't get back till August 8!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Pictures

Ok... Rob got a new camera so we thought it was time to take a family photo. My girls are growing so fast!!!! So we took off after church on Sunday and headed to Wheeler Farm then to Murray Park. We were not the only family trying to get photos done on Sunday. It is so much easier to have pictures taken when the kids are older though.... I think we snapped almost 200 pics. These are a few of the good ones. Now I need help deciding which ones to have printed.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kenzie's Homecoming

Here is Kenzie and Braxton in front of the Hummer Limo.. (they were so excited to go in the Limo) Kenzie looks so grown up!!!! Stop It!!!

Here they are posing inside the Limo.
Sofia and Kenzie... cute, cute, cute, cute!!!
Here is Kenzie and her date and Bailey and hers...
This is Kenzie and besties... Kenzie Allred, Marissa My Cute Kenzie and Baylie.
This is the small party that all went in the Limo. I think there are 8 couples. THAT a party!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last month of Summer!!!!

First day of school 2009!!!!Kenzie is holding up 10 fingers because she is now a Sophmore in HIGH SCHOOL!!! I'm feeling so old... ; (
Lexi is starting 8th grade..
Sami is a 5th grader.
One of our 3 boating outings... Rob on the phone. Does this guy every stop working???? :)
Kenzie and her bff Bailey.
Zoe, Lexi Jessica and Sami. Each kid brought a friend, good times.
Sami with the new team at Pirate Boot Camp.... Sami is such a HAM
Lexi on her 13th Birthday. She wanted cup cakes!
Sami after her Softball Awards party.... she was so proud..
Kenzie softball team Slam.. They took 3rd place at the ASA B National Tournament... Kenzie is standing next to her dad. Rob is an assistant coach.
This picture is super blurry.... But it is my 3 girls tubing.
Tolmans came over for a water party. Madi and Carrie hid from the camera.
Rob and Lexi in Mill Creek. Cute... did everyone say AAAAHH!!!
Kenzie roasting hotdogs. cutie!!
My 3 girls.... this picture makes them look like friends... ok most of the time they love each other. haha

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexi LuLu!!!

Here is a few pictures of Lexi from the past year!!!  I think this one is from Easter.  Lexi you are growing up so fast!!  Here is just a few things I love about Lexi

1- Her smile  :) Lexi will smile even if she is not so happy.  
2- Lexi has beautiful eyes.  I wish my eyes would sparkle like hers.
3- I love Lexi's humor, she is very quiet when she makes a joke.  If you don't pay attention you may miss it.
4- Lexi is a beautiful dancer!
5- Lexi has so much talent.  Softball comes easy to her...
6- Lexi takes pride in her appearance.  She is always looking her best.

This picture was taken in July at Soldier Creek.
Disneyland in March 09
Lexi and Vanessa on CRAZY day, during spirit week at school.
Lexi before her Christmas dance concert.
Lexi learning to snowboard in Snowmass near Aspen. February 09
Lexi enjoying the surf in Hawaii.  Nov 08
Lexi found a starfish.  California Oct. 08
Disneyland Sept. 08
Lexi getting ready to bat this Summer.  Love ya Lexi I hope you will have as much fun in the year to come!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This last week!!!!

Alexis's team "Fusion" took 3rd place in their bracket in the Fire Cracker tournament.  Rob helps coach this team, and Lexi pitches and plays first.This is Sami's team the "Pirates" this picture was taken after the team paraded down Main Street in Park City during opening ceremonies of the Triple Crown World Series.
This is SLAM, Kenzie's team.  This picture was after her team took 2nd Place in the state tournament.  Rob also helps coach this team.
Girls camp, just before we left.
During camp.  We all had a great time... :)