Friday, October 3, 2008

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1- List the person who tagged you.
2- Mention the rules on blog.
3- Tell about 6 Quirks of yours.
4- Tag 6 fellow bloggers.

Ok, first I have had a hard time thinking of 6... I'm sure you all could list them with no problem though.... here I go!

1- When I am thinking I chew on my lip or cheek.  (Rob likes to tease me about that)

2- I wiggle my foot... all the time!!! When I'm nervous, when I watch TV, When I'm going to sleep.... 

3- I'm a planner.. I need to schedule my day, my week, my month..  I write down all the girls practices, games, school concerts and church stuff!!!  Once a week the family reviews the schedule.   I know a little crazy.  But its the only way I can function.

4-I LOVE MY DIET PEPSI!!!   Brenda mentioned that she has one before noon... I have at least one before the girls carpool is here..... 7:30 am.    I know I should stop, but i don't want too..haha

5- I'm addicted to my email and my cell phone.  I never leave home with out my phone.

6- When I leave to take my girls to games, (while still in the van) I run through a list of things that they need.... Do you have your water? cleats, visor, mitt, bat, socks, shoes to wear after games, etc....  Once rob took Sami to a game and didn't go through the list...  She was sad because she forgot her Mitt...   

Ok I don't know how Quirky these are but Oh Well.....

I don't know any bloggers who haven't been tagged already...
maybe Joanne?  


.........Still ME! said...

Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi! We're soul mates!

Tolman Family said...

You're the best Becky Brakey Gray!

mbrooks said...

Love the check off list....I now have to add jersey to the list. Next will be kid. "Madi are you in the car?"